It exists with the idea of art and with feelings and intuitions.
Art rises to the highest level when it is delivered to Man in the light of our thoughts.

Art anxiety is the cornerstone of being HUMAN.
Except for HUMAN, no living thing has any trouble dealing with art.
Mankind has interpreted the three dimensions of the world they have experienced through art with their emotions and feelings in order to understand and question them.

Science investigates the real and the visible, Religion tells the unseen, Art questions the visible-unseen by following it without limitation, and reveals it aesthetically by living intuitively and feeling.
"Who am I?" “Why did I exist?” "Why are we on this Earth?" "What are we doing?" "where are we going?"
These questions are at the core of my work in art.

Questioning the matrix system we are in, questioning the truth and where we are, finding the answers, I travel in the light of Art in my life adventure.

I wandered around with art and danced with colors, using all kinds of unlimited materials and techniques in the collective Consciousness dimension of the Universe.
I wandered in the ocean of dreams with abstract-concrete expressions, I dance with lyrical enthusiasm, expressionist and colors-forms
I am happy if I could convey this to the audience and make them feel...
We are dreams of infinite unlimited existence in 3 world simulations.

“We were everything and nothing at the same time.”

The answer to all the questions we seek outside is waiting to be discovered inside us one day...

Acrylic on Canvas


Acrylic on Paper